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volcanic color

Icon and graphics by evilbo

(You can find icons by subject or type here)

1. Credit me for whatever graphics you take. For icons, this can be in the keywords, comments, or even in your userinfo. You get the idea. If you insist on crediting me in a post in your journal, please do so either in a Friends Only-like post or a permanent first post.

2. Bases are a little different. Unless I specifically say it's a base... it's not. At any rate, you don't have to credit me if you use the base to make a more detailed icon. You don't have to credit me for taking one or two bases, either. However, if you take more than five of any of my bases, I'd like credit.

3. Commenting is nice. I'd like to know what sort of methods people like the best. This is not required, but I'd appreciate it.

4. I don't take requests. My time is limited, and I can barely find the time to finish my own projects. Sorry.
Graphic Junkie